As a business owner, one thing that’s important to me is brand cohesion. With my logo-ed jacket from Glacier Clothing Co., I’m able to keep my branding tight and my business easily recognizable all while feeling comfortable in the elements.

As a professional creative, I value craftsmanship. Because I market my work at a premium, I want to be sure that anything associated with my brand reflects that value. While a piece of generic logo-ed gear might be fine for some businesses, it’s important to my brand that that gear be of an exceedingly high quality. With Glacier Clothing Co. offering options from companies like Patagonia, North Face, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, and Helly Hansen among others, I knew before I even ordered that I was going to receive not only a good looking piece of outerwear made with care, but a highly functional one as well.

It’s also important to me that the logo stitching reflects that same high quality. And this is where Glacier Clothing Co. comes in and knocks it out of the park. I was thrilled at not only the quality of the stitching, as I have a fairly detailed logo, but the color accuracy of the thread chosen. The stitching itself is tight and clean with a great overall presentation making my small business stand side by side with my larger competitors My logo on my jacket looks exactly as it does on my business cards, on my website and on my promotional materials. With this jacket added to my overall marketing and brand cohesion strategy, I feel confident that my business comes across as high quality, trustworthy and professional.

– Shea Evans, Professional Photographer