One of the gifts of digital photography is the magic of photoshop and digital retouching. On a recent shoot with a private chef in San Francisco’s iconic Crissy Field, the Golden Gate Bridge as our backdrop, we had some weather roll in… and stay. Clouds hung overhead, and a light drizzle on and off kept us on our toes with equipment maintenance, food preparation and keeping the models happy. As a professional I knew that I could shoot straight through the inclement weather, and once I got back into photoshop, I could tweak colors, raise exposures and play around to make it look like everyone was having a great time on a great day.

But being there in the rain was a different story… Photoshop couldn’t save my damp reality. I needed to keep myself warm and dry while still being able to present my brand and company in a professional manner. Because my job requires a lot moving around and varying outdoor elements, I need a piece of outerwear that is much more than a t-shirt. This is where my Helly Hansen coat from Glacier Clothing Co. comes in. Lightweight, but with comfortable soft shell stretch fabric, I didn’t even notice I was wearing it as I made my way through the shot-list. Confident with my logo displayed clearly but also discreetly, I shot for hours getting the frames we needed, all while staying comfy and dry.

Shea Evans – Professional Photographer

Jacket with Logo
Dinner Party Cheersing
Golden Gate Veggie Grilling
Taco Picnic