Lisa here, I own a graphic design company and I live in a great town. It’s a snowboard town in Northwest Montana. The people that live here are here because they love to be outside. Myself included. Like most people, I have a full time job and try to balance work and play. I am constantly getting up early to work, hit the mountain to squeeze in a few runs, then back to work. Or maybe work for awhile and then jump on my bike to go ride some single track. This constant battle between work and play does not afford me the time to be running around switching outfits. That’s why I need a jacket that looks great when meeting with a client but will also work great on the slopes. And if I’m the lift and someone notices my jacket with the professional stitched logo on it, they ask me about my company. When that happens, it’s considered a meeting and then I can take one more run……

Lisa Slagle
Wheelie Creative