“Oh but you’re usually a food photographer…”, one of the folks working the event remarked to me. Of course I usually am a food photographer, but I hadn’t told this guy that. We had literally just met moments before. It was kind of out of the blue. Clearly, he could tell I was a professional photographer. I was hauling around a giant camera bag on my back and I was holding what amounted to a $5,000 piece of camera gear in my hand, but we were on top of a mountain, on a road, as I photographed road bikers as they made their way through the Lexus sponsored KOM stage of one of the longer rides of the Bottega Gran Fondo, an annual food and bike event spearheaded by celebrity chef Michael Chiarello in Napa Valley, California.

How did he know I was usually a food photographer?

The answer was: my logo.

Prominently displayed on my Glacier Clothing jacket, it immediately tells strangers what I do, but they do have to see it first to get that message and that’s why I wear my Glacier Clothing Helly Hansen jacket on every shoot. As a (very) small business, I need to do everything I can to market and network, to get my name and my brand in front of as many people as possible. With quality craftsmanship, from the stitching to the color accuracy, Glacier Clothing helps me put my brand in the best possible light, every time. Brand recognition across platforms, from website, to business cards to the clothing I wear, reassures established clients while also advertising for new ones.

Thanks Glacier Clothing!

Shea Evans – Professional Photographer