Expectant employees have a lot on their minds- they might be juggling doctor’s appointments and trying to wrap up projects before taking time off to care for a newborn, all the while wondering what life will look like after the big event. Show support for employees with growing families by offering customized baby gifts that feature your company’s logo.

What better way to show off your brand than on a cute baby? Your employees will think fondly of your company while on leave. Clients with kids will enjoy a promotional gift that features your logo. Friends and family will see the logo and know that your company encourages and supports working parents.

Glacier Clothing Co. can help you find great bibs, onesies or hats to feature your logo. Keep these on hand for fun baby shower gifts or kid-friendly promotional events and watch your brand recognition grow. Give us a call today for more information: 855-307-4942.

baby bibs embroidered with Glacier Bank logo